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21st Century Irish ManThe Angry Brians
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Fergal Fitzpatrick


Dual Irish-American/Hero











Emerald Society



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 March 2012



None mentioned



Fergal Fitzpatrick is Irishman who graduated with a dual Masters degree in Engineering and Particle Physics (of course, with honors and at age 19) as a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Engineering and an armor and weapons designer for a major defense contractor, as well as a part time superhero. 

Working for the Irish engineering firm Vectoron Incorporated, he became the lead designer for for a new government contract to create armor for soldiers to counter the extensive super-powered incidents occurring.  Sadly, Vectoron went bankrupt after they were sued for copyright infringements on the armor's weapons system by another company (that was later found to be a fake company run by the black marketeering crime organization known as CANIS). Since Fergal's armor design was still his and not the company's (thanks to some successful MIT lawyering), that 'other' company was denied the rights to it.  It didn't take long before CANIS sent a couple of their powerful armored assassins known as Omegas to Fergal's apartment to kill him and steal him tech.


Luckily the Emerald Society superheroes showed up.


In what became a battle royal, the Emerald Society wiped the floor with the two Omegas and several CANIS troopers, saving Fergal's life...and his new armor's designs. Within days, the Emerald Society helped Fergal get a job with the R & D division for the Boston Police Department, where he's been upgrading their seriously outdated protective armor and helmets with state-f-the-art equipment.

Fergal, after finishing building his new armor, asked the Emerald Society's Irish Fighter for an opportunity to 'test' it in a training exercise inside Fort Independence (the Emerald Society's base on Castle Island in Boston) to see what the armor could do.  After 5 minutes of 'testing' the armor against all of the Emerald Society's superheroes, Fergal was the only one left standing amongst the Emerald Society due to Fergal's remarkable armor's capabilities.


It didn't take 5 minutes longer before the team leader, the Irish Fighter, asked Fergal if he'd wish to use his armor and unique weapons to help save others.  It didn't take 5 microseconds for Fergal to agree to join the Emerald Society.


Today, "Sir Patrick", Fergal's superhero code-name, fights alongside the Emerald Society, helping to save people each and every day.  He still works part time with the Boston Police Department's R&D Division, and has started work on his Doctorate in Engineering at MIT. 


Power Origin: None (Normal Human)

  • Armor

    • Armor provides poor, yet useful, protection from all forms of attack (yes, even magic).

    • Additional typical level of protection for gauntlets, chest, boots, belt and helmet.

  • Energy Field

    • Provides excellent protective field from all forms of attack

    • powered by suit's belt, allowing over 20 hours of 100% power usage, or 35 hours of 50% power usage (5% for normal movement (120 hours)).

  • Kinetic Energy Gauntlets

    • Each gauntlet can produce an excellent ranked physical kinetic punch

    • Can emit and/or throw a ball of kinetic energy out 20 feet from himself, that, upon contact, explodes into a excellent area of effect explosion.

    • Can channel gauntlet energy into a sold object or surface and create a 4 inch by 4 inch remarkable blast (can only do once a minute; needs a cooldown)

  • Jet Boots

    • Can fly up to 500 mph for 500 miles at a max altitude of 2500 feet

    • Looses 50 mph and 50 mile range for each additional 250 lbs the armor has to carry

    • Must be refueled once drained (JP5 fuel)

  • Cape

    • Fire Retardant material

    • Poor physical, toxic, acidic protection

    • Good radiation and temperate protection

  • Helmet

    • Houses full bandwidth of communications equipment and frequencies (espeically the Boston PD) with a range of 100 miles

    • loudspeaker capability allowing voice projection to 1/2 mile

    • night vision goggles

    • heads up display (HUD) with internet and personal dashboard visual systems

    • voice activated features

    • diffuses wearer's voice

  • Engineer (Master)

  • Particle Physics (Master)

  • Education (Professional)

  • Armor Design/Manufacture (Professional)

  • Kinetic Energy (Master)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)