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Lady Femtastik
Lady Femtastik

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Lady Femmetastik
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Lady Femtastik
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Ding Dong SongGunter & The Sunshine Girls
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Rose McClellan






Irish (expatriate)








Madame Femtastic, Lady Femme




Don "Major Deej" Finger

15 Sep 2013



Aidan McClellan (father, deceased)

Brenda McClellan (mother, deceased)



Raised from age 5 as a gun-toting only-child of an ex-mercenary mother and father, Rose McClellan learned about weapons and how to use them early in her life.  Thanks to her parents' teachings,  she also learned she was just as good as any man in combat.  By the time she was a teenager, she already mastered how to seduce men (and women)to get what she wanted. By the time she was 16, she was already running guns and weapons for her parents all over the world, making an exquisite name for herself in the process. In that time, she leaned additional forms of fighting; martial arts, boxing, wrestling, judo, savate, and of course - Gun-Fu (martial arts using ranged weapons).

At 18, a death mark was placed on Rose by her own parents, Aiden (father) and Brenda (mother), who now despised that she was taking their business contacts (and money). Rose's life was whittled away hour by hour.  All her friends were used as bait to lure Rose out; this resulted in the death of ALL of her friends, including a girl she'd grown up with most of her life (considered her a sister). 


As such, Rose decided to fight dirty. She started making raids on known villain and hero armories and safe-houses, raiding them of hundreds of weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and several dozen explosive devices with detonators and fuses.  She hid amongst the 'painted' women in brothels and disguised herself as a drag queen to stay hidden. There, she realized that the prostitutes she was hiding amongst were a potential army unto themselves.  She got most (not all of them) off the drugs and taught them what she knew about weapons, self-defense, explosives, and munitions. Rose's new army became a force to be reckoned with.


In that year's time in which Rose was dodging her death mark, she amassed over 70 new recruits, all of which were trained in handguns, rifles, knives, explosives and even how to make homemade munitions.  She called her band the "Female Explosives and Munitions Specialists -F.E.M.S." and went on a tear, cashing in on other 'death marks' and taking over the assassination field from all except the nefarious Death Legion,


Eventually, Death Legion's leader, Deathmaster, saw that a truce and a compact with Rose and her F.E.M.S. was needed. The compact was: kill off the ones that placed the death mark on Rose, leave the assassination business to Death Legion, and Death Legion would start buying their weapons, explosives, munitions and the F.E.M.S. custom-made wild "victory after parties" all at 10% above cost....otherwise, he'd kill them all off thee on the spot.


Rose agreed to Deathmaster's deal.


A day later, Rose executed her parents with a single bullet through both their heads, thus negating the death mark against Rose.


Since then, Rose and her F.E.M.S. took on a new roll of gun-running, minion training, explosives ordnance training and functions, and selling their client 'victory after parties' as package deals for all who wanted to pay...and many since then have!  She now has 'bases' located in 40 locations around the world, with most containing some of the most incredible party houses ever known or seen. Last check, she rolled in over $1.3 billion in sales and services in a year's time.


Rose took on a few pseudonyms and code names over the next few years, but the one that stuck with her was "Lady Femmetastik".


Today, with a truly earned MBA degree from Harvard Business school, this bodacious yet dangerous woman is not only a titan in black market weapons sales and deliveries, but she can easily kill you should you cross her...suffice she doesn't seduce you to death...



Powers: None.



Rose is known to arm herself with a huge variety of weapons, starting from flechettes to energy beam weapons.

She does not wear or carry 'superhero' or 'super-villain' accessories.

The most armor she'll ever wear with be bullet-proof armor/flak jackets, providing her typical physical protection for areas covered.


  • Marksmanship (master)

  • Shooting weapon (master)

  • Melee weapons (professional)

  • Martial arts (professional)

  • Acrobatics (professional)

  • Business (master)

  • Black market (master)

  • Arms dealer (master)

  • Explosives/Ordnance (master)

  • Prostitution (professional)

  • Trainer/Training Specialist (professional)

  • Psychology (proficient)

  • Facility management (proficient)

  • World studies/languages (proficient)